Before and after photos of skinning and trimming.

The price for Spikeless Palm Trimming starts at $30* per Palm Tree.

People on Craigs List and other places who charge $10-$20 a palm, most likely do NOT have a business license or liability insurance. If they did, they'd have to charge more just to break even. Instead they charge just enough to pay for their gas and beer. Then do it again the next day.

If they don't have a tree service license and/or insurance, that means they're NOT an independent contractor and that means they work for you, which makes you liable for their safety.

If they fall out of your tree, you could be liable for their medical payments, pain and suffering. Don't try to save $10-$15 and hire a guy with a truck off the internet to trim your palm trees. If you do, ask to see their tree service license and insurance.

Only hire licensed and insured professionals to trim your palm trees, like us. We're licensed and insured against any** damages done. That lets the homeowner off the hook. It's only a few dollars more and you wont be in and out of court for months dealing with the guys lawyer.

We have dealt with a lot of people who do business with non licensed and non-insured guys with a truck, ladder and chainsaw. One day the homeowner will get bit.

Don't put your home in jeopardy just to save $10.

*Additional fee's may apply for:

-extra labor to remove heavy layers of palm

-disposal services of heavy cuttings 

**could be anything