About us and what we do for you.

So we don't waste any of your time, we'll get right to the point of what we do for you. 

We will show up when we say we will and discuss what palm trees needs to be trimmed, what it will cost and how it will be done.

We will trim your palm trees, clean up the mess and dispose of the cuttings.

We like to work with our customers on how to cut costs and save them money on trimming their palm trees.


If you live in Pasco County, you can have 6 bundles of garbage not weighing over 40 lbs each. So why pay us to dispose of the cuttings when we can reduce what you pay us by putting the cuttings out with your trash that you already pay for.

Pinellas County allows the homeowner to throw the palm fronds in a pile on the side of the road at the homeowners house on trash day. without even cutting the fronds in half.

Contact us when you need your palms trimmed and want to save $$$.