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This video above shows how it's done in Maui.

We climb your Palm Trees Spikeless, the same 

way here in Florida as it's done in Hawaii.

The video below, an old video from 1961 using the same tools.

These tools have been around for over 52 years.

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We can trim one palm if that's what you have.

We are no longer trimming palms full time. We are not even trimming palms part time. We are only trimming palms sometimes.. and that's not very often any more.

Spikeless Palm Trimming of Florida brought the advanced technology of trimming palm trees from Hawaii to Florida. We offer a niche market of service.

We use spikeless climbing gear to climb and trim your palms. No holes means no damage is done to your palm tree.

Climbing spikeless, the trimmer has the ability to climb your palm tree, walk around the crown, trim it up then climb down. Simple and safe.

Watch how the tools are used in those videos on the right. ---->

Way safer than hanging on a ladder. Ladders only go so high. Our spikeless climbing gear allows us to go higher than any ladder could.

Chainsaws and ladders don't mix

Most trimmers on a ladder only cut the fronds and leave the boots/stems. After years it builds up, looks ugly and makes homes for birds, rats, bats, termites, squirrels, ants, roaches/palmetto bugs and many other creatures, .. That's what I see living up there.

Not only do we trim, we can also skin off the years of left over frond cuttings. Something only we can do with our spikeless tools.

We are safety trained, licensed and insured, so call us today to schedule a time to have us come out to trim your palm trees. 727

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